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Data Collecting Sites:
As the most trusted authority in online content removals, we’ve customers remove their online data. What most don’t know is that many sites that you visit collect data based on what you place in your search engine, the people you follow, the music you listen to, and even the information you put in when you shop online. Just one click of a button or entering of a small detail, such as your name, can connect you to multiple sites in which you’ve entered the same personal information. With our company, we are able to remove the private information from sites that decide to share that information to other vendors.

Junk Mailings:
Whether it is a family member getting college mail that no one applied for, or the household receiving advertisement, it can be a pain to call the company and tell them to take you off the marketing list. With the resources that we use, we are able to remove your name from the mailing list that can be classified as “junk” with ease. IP addresses share a lot more information than one may think. It not only allows multiple sites on the server, but it can also affect the IP reputation for everyone sharing it. It’s best if the company is able to mask their IP address not only for the potential to hide from the government, but also hide it while using the internet so that the company’s name can’t be tarnished. With our company, we are able to hide your IP while using the web.

Stop Collection Calls:
With the 21st century surfacing, phones are a large part of the everyday life. Along with this new and improved way of communication comes with the telemarketers. The pesky calls that you get on a day to day base can be frustrating to constantly block. However, with our company we are able to prevent collection calls from ever making contact with your phone. Most companies are interconnected with their protocols due to the fact they may have partnerships with each other. With that, a company may ask similar, or even the same questions that you may have answered with another company previously. That is how they collect the data as a “confirmation” that it’s you. That common protocol seems to apply to all customers. However, one size does not fit all. The present persistence and consistence that we have in our company allows us to file complaints on the company for unauthorized use of data, the collection, and distribution.